Do you like surprises?

As a copywriter, I'm a small business owner and, as such, I have to market myself successfully.

How many times have you heard this?

"I hate surprises."

Unfortunately, I've heard this from a boss or two! And it's because I've handed them news about a bad surprise.

I'm not a huge fan of my electric company, Duke Energy. It's a monopoly sponsored by the federal government and the state government. I have a client in Australia and I wrote the copy for this landing page (currently getting an 80 per cent click through); I learned that, in Australia, they have a choice when it comes to which electricity company they want to choose. I have a small house yet my bill is stratospheric, especially in the summer. How I wish I could move my house to Australia.

The power company offered me a pleasant surprise for a change...15 of these eco lightbulbs for free. What are you doing to surprise your clients? Pleasantly, of course!

When paying my insane Duke Energy bill online, I got a pleasant offer for 15 free lightbulbs. They arrived yesterday and I'm delighted. That's about $100 in value.

I just added to my monthly marketing checklist: Pleasant Surprise (like lightbulbs).

As a direct response copywriter, I'm always trying to follow my direct response copywriting checklist...headline...guarantee...benefits,'s something to add: good surprise.


I'm Scott Martin, a direct response copywriter. For my website, go here and make sure you request my free direct response copywriting checklist.