95% of copywriting is THIS bad...

I'm always paying close attention to copy. Everywhere. Not just when I'm working on assignments. I even look at 'local' advertising for yard sales, bands, lost dogs...you know, the signs people put up around the neighborhood.

We've had a cold winter (for North Carolina) so there's a solid demand for firewood. Here's a sign from a would-be firewood vendor. Good timing with the snow everywhere but there's illegible red pen on a cardboard background. I see design and copy this bad all the time...even from big agencies. If you want to avoid advertising this bad, use direct response techniques.

One of these...black type on a white background. If it's print, use a serif font (Times, Garamond). If it's web, use a sans-serif font (Arial, Helvetica). I can't comment on the copy: I can't see it!

If I were in the Firewood business and I was putting signs up around the neighborhood, here's what I might write....

Copy, what there is of it, cannot be seen, even from three feet. The person is trying to sell firewood. I see copy and design this bad all the time. Avoid this type of disaster by using direct response techniques.


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Follow the 'rules' of direct response design as well as the 'rules' of direct response copywriting.


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