The FAQ page is a must

When I rewrite a web site or start one from scratch, I always include an FAQ page. Here's mine. Here's a new web site I wrote for a client in Australia; their FAQ page is here. Note the 'accordion' design...something I want!

The benefits of an FAQ page.

  • Qualify prospects. Keep cheats and 'Wal Mart ' shoppers well away.

  • Address possible objections. Again, people will not waste your time asking the same questions over and over.

  • Additional salient content. You can never have enough.

  • Buttresses benefits and qualifications.

  • Further highlights additional features your client will find important.

You can also wedge in valuable social proof. Answer a question like..."Is property investment for me?" with "The Wall Street Journal recently wrote..."

I cringe when I hear people say..."nobody ever reads" or a "picture is worth a thousands words."

When someone is really interested in what you have to offer, provide them with plenty of information. A well-crafted and meaty FAQ page packed with facts and direct answers will help you generate more leads and sell more.

Include the question "What will this cost?" because this will keep people who will not pay you away.


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