If a picture is worth a thousands words...

...Why hire a copywriter?! Why does this site, which is brilliant at generating leads, have just one photo?

A photo can be worth a thousands words or more, depending on the photo and many businesses must have photos on their web site but, in the world of direct response marketing, photos are rare...limited to photos of people who provide testimonials and the actual product. Perhaps some before and after...especially with teeth.

I've written plenty of golf course websites and these must have photos. These should primarily be in a gallery section. The masters of direct response copywriting eschew Flash. Why? A Flash show takes up valuable above the fold space and relegates the all-important headline to inferior real estate.

Stock photography has taken over the world of photography and it's tempting to use stock photography because it's so cheap. You get what you pay for. If you're going to have photography, hire one of my brothers and sisters in the photography business and give them clear and specific directions.

The photography must enhance the copy and draw people into the copy so they take the next step in the sales process. Do this and your picture will be worth $1,000 or more and not just 1,000 words.

Remember...if someone is genuinely interested in what you have to offer, they are going to READ and the photos will only have a limited effect in the overwhelming majority of cases.

For further proof, take a look at Dan Kennedy's site here.

Videos yes...photos minimal.


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