The Guarantee Formula is a Copywriting Winner

I'm at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida; it's the big golf trade show. I ran into Andrew Wood, one of the best copywriters I know. He's founder of Legendary Marketing and also started Cunningly Clever Marketing. He just sold 69 spaces to a golf marketing boot camp he runs just before the PGA Show. The page isn't up right now but his success reminded me of the "GUARANTEE" formula. It goes something like this...bug treatment example...

6 months 'no questions asked' guarantee...

"If Cockroaches appear after we treat your home, I will personally re-treat your home and write you a check for $200."

Signed...Roger Smith

Roger's Bug Treatment Service

After this, the copy details the guarantee and there can be pictures of checks, etc.

I used this for an Australian Internet marketer and it got a 50 per cent better result than the control.


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