Direct Response Copywriter at Dan Kennedy Info Summit Day 2

Last night, Dan Kennedy spoke about information marketing. All the speakers so far have been accomplished and polished. But Dan Kennedy was clearly a notch above all of them. His delivery is droll yet entertaining and the content was superb. He kept a room of about 500 people engaged for well over two hours and we had started at 8 a.m.; the evening session was from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and everyone was quiet and entertained right until 9:30.

Kennedy is punctual, starting right at 7:00 and finishing on the dot at 9:30.

He detailed how he sells information. It’s a complex model and he uses the type of sales analytics that a Fortune 100 company uses. It’s a science and if you want to compete against that type of operation, you should start by being able to analyze precisely how much a customer will buy after the 7th month of being a member of the Platinum Inner Circle. Yes--it's that detailed. It's a serious operation.

The speakers today were excellent and I particularly liked Ed Bush’s business model helping lawyers get leads. If they leave him, the flow of qualfied leads comes to a grinding halt. John Limbocker was impressive; he’s an SEO guru. He gave us a quick primer about SEO.

Here's a superb way to get a reader interested in a product. Perry Marshall's facebook test.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Dan Kennedy tonight. These are long days that require quite a bit of stamina—even though I’m sitting down the entire time.

Spotted this graffiti on the way back from lunch.




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