An interesting and powerful page on Google's site (part 3)

In this series of five blogs, I'm going through the excellent content advice on this page on Google's site.

The second paragraph begins with this subhead.

Establish your points of difference.

And then continues with this question...

"Why would a customer choose to buy from you rather than from one of the many other businesses just like yours?"

And then...

"Tell visitors about what makes your approach to the business unique. If you specialize in a certain area or approach, tell them how - and why."

Incredibly, very few websites really work hard to tell me why the company/product/service is unique--and better. Although I don't like the word 'unique' that much.

We're not talking about a glib tagline (It's the Real Thing) but it's your USP--unique selling proposition. On my new website, I'm making a clear statement: I'm a direct response copywriter and I help direct marketing agencies and companies that use a direct marketing model with all their copywriting needs. At some stage in the future, I'm going to drill down and differentiate myself further as I specialize. But for now, I'm your direct response copywriter.

I see a lot of Flash, a lot of big graphics, a lot of this and that, plus a lot of fluffy copy but it's rare when I see a website that really tells me why the company is different and better than others. It's not easy. But here's a piece I wrote about developing a USP.

Tomorrow, I'm going through the paragraph with the subhead: 

Increase your visibility.

Hint: it's not an excuse to load a million photos to your website.

But seriously, take a look at your website right now and ask yourself if you REALLY differentiate yourself from others.


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