Is the Gap Too Wide for Even the Greatest Copywriter?

Managing extreme expectations is always difficult. I've worked quite a lot in the golf industry and with some of the top golf teachers in the world. Golfers often show up at a golf school pretty much unable to hit the ball and expect to leave 60 minutes later striping it like a PGA Tour pro. How on earth a teaching professional manages crazy expectations is beyond me.

What can you expect from a direct response copywriter? Here's where the client's marketing strategy is so vital. If it's a long and difficult sales process for an expensive product or service, asking the copywriter to turn a tepid landing page into a page that automatically makes that long and difficult sale is asking too much--for any copywriter. However, asking the copywriter to write a squeeze page that gets a prospect to opt in for a special report or free consultation or free seminar is realistic. Then you can nurture the leads.

A copywriter will also be more productive when you provide an offer, a guarantee, plus a phenomenal product that really solves a problem and/or brings great joy. One of the first questions I ask a prospect: what type of response are you expecting? If the expectations are realistic, I'm excited and ready to learn about the product or service...then start typing.


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