Direct Response Copywriter Questions Email Strategy

I got an email today from Carowinds, which, if you’re not from Charlotte, is a big entertainment park with a whopping marketing budget. They have some epic roller coasters, etc.

Click on the image for a bigger version.

This email is an example of shoddy email marketing.

  • Why do they need to ask me to unsubscribe? I already opted in.
  • If they need to get people to stay on the list, provide an OFFER!
  • It looks like my only option is to unsubscribe. Seriously? 

Admittedly I don’t know why they’re asking me to opt out but I would hope that a big company would provide a stronger email than this one.

It’s a textbook example of how to get people to leave an opt in email list. Opt in emails are extremely valuable.

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