Direct Response Copywriter Meets Bob Toski

I didn’t attend the PGA Golf Show this year but I’ve attended in the past. One highlight was being around Bob Toski, a famous golf instructor who is now 75. I can’t think of anyone with more energy—of any age.

Another golfer once told me that getting a lesson from Bob was a show. And, after meeting Toski, I concur. I think about Bob when I'm trying to get some energy into my copy.

There’s an interview with him in the current issue of GolfWorld. I can’t provide a link as it’s a paid site but here are some gems…about golf but more about life and business.

“I finally raised my lesson rate to $200 because everybody said if I didn’t, people were going to think I didn’t know anything.”

“Tension and anxiety are the two biggest killers in life, never mind golf.”

“Simplicity is the answer to complexity.”

“They say it’s a mind game (golf). Like hell it’s a mind game. It’s a physical game. If you want to play a mental game, play chess.”

One of these days, I'm going to take a lesson from the man. His bio.

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