Direct Response Copywriter Meets Renaissance Man

I was just on vacation and I ran into this guy. I told him I was a direct response copywriter and he told me he was a writer. Actually, here’s what’s on his business card:

  • Film Critic
  • Author
  • Scriptwriter
  • Executive Chef
  • Extreme skier

That, my brothers and sisters, is a renaissance man. 

Nothing wrong with that.

However, I’m increasingly becoming a specialist. Two years ago, I was writing books, publishing magazines, and also writing copy.

For the record, I'm not an executive chef and I'm not an extreme skier...yet.

I just write direct response copy. And I’ll soon start to focus on two niches.

I only spent an hour or so with my film critic, author, scriptwriter, executive chef, and extreme skier new friend—and I enjoyed the banter—but it’s generally better for a direct response copywriter to get vertical. So I won't take inspiration from his varied background.

For the small business, the more vertical and specialized you can get, the better.


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