Direct Response Copywriter Provides Tips from Top Copywriters: Bob Bly

What’s the most valuable lesson you can learn from Bob Bly? He’s a strong writer but his customer service is excellent. He provides clients:
1)    A guarantee—not necessarily a money-back, but a promise of a rewrite.
2)    No charge rewrites. If a dentist drilled the wrong tooth, why would any patient pay him or her to fix it?
3)    A barrage of testimonials backing up his customer service claims.
4)    Communication—staying in touch with the client.
5)    Clarity. Tell the client who you are, what you do, where you are located, when you can deliver the copy, why they should choose you instead of another copywriter, and how you can help them.
6)    Multiple resources on the website for the client including many ways to reach him.
Bob has published hundreds of client testimonials on his website. You can watch videos to see what he looks like (striking) and hear how he sounds. You can see examples of his writing and read about his services.

Bly also presents multiple ways to spend money on his website but also includes plenty of free goodies including audio, video, downloads, etc. Bly targets possible clients for his copywriting, but also manages to turn his colleagues, competitors, fellow writers, and marketers into his clients as well.

Variety—he sells them books and CDs about writing, freelancing, selling and marketing, and starting your own business. He links his main website to his other websites. Bly has a few hundred websites set up to sell his products. So if you have no need for his copywriting skills, he presents you with about a thousand other ways to spend money/time with his company. The wide range of products he sells complements and augments his customer service.


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