Direct Response Copywriter Provides Tips from Top Copywriters: Dan Kennedy

Steve Platt wrote a piece based on the 14 lessons in The Ultimate Marketing Plan by copywriter and Internet Marketing king Dan Kennedy, whom he calls the “Sovereign of Sales Letters (Or maybe the Duke of Direct Response).” Platt calls this piece a “three-part series on how to profitably translate advice from old-school marketing guru Dan Kennedy to a new online environment.” Please excuse Platt’s split infinitive. So Platt’s read this book which was published in 1991 and translated the chapters so they apply to an Internet-based business.


1. Putting together the right message: (Find your USP-unique selling position).


2. Presenting your message: (Assemble your 5 step sales pitch).


3. Choosing the right audience: (Hone your niche, find your audience).


4. Proving your case: (Get paranoid—justify why you are great and promote yourself).


5. Putting your best foot forward: (Your website should ALWAYS look its best).


6. Get Free Advertising: (Social media is your best friend—it’s free).


7. Become Hot!: (There are 7 ways to get noticed and stay noticed).


8. Poor Boy Marketing: (Spend time, not money, on your advertising).


9. Maximizing total customer value: (Hold the audiences’ attention; keep clients happy).


10. Fueling Word-of-Mouth: (Go viral; Use the EAR formula).


11. Create a short-term sales surge: (‘Sales Surges’ are vital for cash flow).


12. Take Advantage of New Marketing Technologies: (Embrace your inner techie).


13. Avoid employee sabotage: (Partner profits and manage employees carefully).


14. Hiring and firing experts: (Filter all advice using your own common sense).


From Dan Kennedy there is much to learn about the world of copywriting, and even more to learn about marketing and though this piece is mainly about marketing, selling, and money-making, one crucial lesson a writer should learn about the business of writing is in lesson number fourteen: “Hiring and firing experts.” A writer and freelancer should know that other writers are in fact competition for your business and may struggle with several of the same questions and mistakes. Gather advice from many sources about how to make your business successful and use your instincts and common sense to decide for yourself who runs a successful writing career, and who doesn’t.


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