Direct Response Copywriter Provides Tips from Top Copywriters: Joe Vitale.

Joe Vitale: Finding Inspiration in Different Places

Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Marketing website details his ‘hypnotic’ moments of discovery and the places where these moments of discovery take place. He established his latest 4-step method for masterful marketing while on a nature walk and channeled the petals of a flower into his business dream. Really.

What is most important to learn from Joe Vitale’s process is focusing on the concept of inspiration. Perhaps you detest nature and prefer digital tools for inspiring your cranium to create financially powerful ideas. Maybe you’ll get ideas by reading one of the classics or touring the galleries of your favorite museum.

Whatever it takes to get your creative juices flowing, that’s your ‘Joe Vitale nature walk.’ But have backups. Find new ways to find ideas by watching what inspires others. Whether you need a vacation (perspective change), or just some simple yoga (looking within), or learning a new language (helps some get a better grip on their own), do what it takes to find creative thinking and turn your ideas into opportunity.

Some copywriters struggle with a legendary foe…‘writer’s block.’ There may be no such thing; it could be you are simply not prepared. Clear your head of non-related worries and always have the tools you need once the ideas emerge.

Most fantastic ideas flow from life experiences and conversations, not from a computer screen or a desk—most people have their “a-ha!” moments while actually living. So let’s say you are kayaking or rock climbing and you have a light bulb moment. Are you prepared to write it down in a pocket notebook or dictate into a voice memo app on your smart phone?

However you record your brilliant ideas, try to always have your tools with you. While a smart phone can be very useful for recording, saving, or sending ideas, it never hurts to have a pen/mechanical pencil tucked into a pocket, purse, backpack, brief case, lunch box, or suit case. Joe Vitale’s idea about creative process can be translated and shortened: an idea doesn’t have to be complicated to make money. For example, reinventing the wheel is not as hard as it looks:

This company gave consumers a new way to drink milk—an activity that has been mostly the same for centuries. Joe Vitale’s message is clear: find your inspiration and turn your ideas into revenue.


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