Direct Response Copywriter Provides Tips from Top Copywriters: Richard Armstrong.

Richard Armstrong:

Direct Response copywriter Richard Armstrong teaches that one man’s junk mail is another man’s multi-million dollar business. His free eBook My First 40 Years in Junk Mail is a virtual text he provides as an introduction to his work. This eBook is a sales pitch for his business. He presents the book to anyone who visits his website as a ‘welcoming’ gift. This gift matches the tone of his website very well as his copy addresses web-surfers as “Friend” and converses with readers as if they have known him for years. In his eBook, Armstrong suggests his ‘junk mail’ line of work is entirely humble and without frills, yet lucrative to those who will take it seriously. We also learn from his writing how important it is to have a business plan, even if you are creating and marketing ‘junk.’

Armstrong demonstrates how vital to success it is for a copywriter to have go-to ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ lists which serve as practical mini-business plans.

Armstrong lets his clients know what he wants, and what he doesn’t want. Summarizing from his website, he wants client projects that:

Pay large amounts of money.
Are new.
Mail out on a larger scale.

What this means is that he likes challenging new work that pays a lot of money and reaches tons of people. This is great advice.
Armstrong claims scenarios that do not interest him are:

Last minute, hurried work.
Clients who do not know what they are doing.
Clients who scam.

Armstrong reminds us that what is best for your client’s business is often best for yours as well. Rushing is unprofessional, even if it pays more; it is better to have clients who know what they need to make their business succeed.

Any copywriter will do well to establish a firm business plan with established ideas like these ‘do and don’t’ lists. It is important to know what you expect and want so that you can clearly relate those ideas to your clients.


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