Direct Response Copywriter Word of the Night: YAMMERING


I thought I would not find this word in the dictionary.

But I was wrong.

Here it is...

“loud and sustained or repetitive noise”

It’s not a word I could use as a direct response copywriter but it’s useful for the blog.

When I was a cybertramp, hanging out for hours in coffee shops with my laptop, I would sometime sit next to a big table. A group would sit down on said table. Maybe it’s a hair misogynistic to say this but the group often comprised at least four women.

The conversation would start slowly with the volume at 4. After 60 minutes, sometimes less, each member of the group would be speaking at full volume and they would all be speaking at the same time.

They started with a conversation then progressed to yammering.

White wine and caffeine tend to fuel yammering.


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