Direct Response Copywriter on Fair Compensation

I'm not a fan of organized labor and I'm not a fan of collusion, coercion, and other dubious economic tactics. I'm a huge believer in market forces...and letting them do their thing. And supply and demand affect writing fees. And yes, there's a lot of supply.

In corresponding recently with Baytech, a digital marketing company, I provided them with a fair quote for some work. Turns out they want to pay 4 cents a word for content. For a 250 word article, that's $10 for an article.

The company is dumb for paying writers by the word. Baytech isn't exactly going to get taut, tight syntax. In my humble opinion and, I'm sure, the opinion of others in the digital marketing world, including many who believe that copy is extremely important in the big picture and understand copy and its potential impact, that's not a great rate of pay and/or remuneration.

You get the picture. I can pad with the best of them.

It's sad that a company would pay writers poorly. But I blame my fellow writers for accepting such pathetic pay. Don't you want to eat? What do you put in your car? Do you live in a tent in the desert?

On the company's website, the copy about the copywriting services reads:

Baytech has the absolute best in professional copywriters to ensure your copy harnesses and holds the attention of your viewers.

No you don't. You don't pay well enough.

The big boys of direct response pay writers a decent fee plus the potential for a hefty royalty because the big boys understand this simple fact: the direct response copywriter is the catalyst for whopping sales. Get a good one and you can earn big revenue. Pay 4 cents a word and you'll get...well...just look at the excerpt above from Baytech's site.


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