Direct Response Copywriter on The Right Words

At its core, direct response copywriting is:


  1. Choosing the right words
  2. Putting the words in the correct order


I want to focus on task #1.

Picking the perfect words for every sentence in either long-form or short-form copy is difficult. I choose words quickly and easily simply because I’ve been writing almost non-stop for 20 years…longer if you count high school and college.

And I’m not sure how to teach someone to choose the correct words. Perhaps it’s simply a knack.

Words dictate and determine the tone of the copy. Tone can affect conversion.

Excitable and hyper-ventilating copy needs excitable and hyper-ventilating words. Big adjectives. Ultimate. Amazing. Powerful. Some writers like to add a lot of exclamation marks!!!!! But I’m in the camp that believes that exclamation marks are a crutch.

When the copy needs to be a little more subtle, then it’s time tone things down.

Adjectives, metaphors, and adjectival phrases are the most potent weapon in the copywriter’s Arsenal.

Let’s take a look at a tiny bit of Gary Bencivenga copy. This sells his famous seminar DVDs.

My "Three-Hour-a-Day" Rule: Why you can achieve almost anything if you can throw three solid hours at your highest-priority project every day. Are you weary of meetings that go nowhere and the hundred little interruptions that nibble away your time like a school of piranhas? Here is the #1 antidote—a ruthless dedication to putting at least three hours a day into your top project and letting all other activities take second priority to that. Here's how to do it.

Note the following.


  • It’s not three hours a day, it’s three SOLID hours.
  • The interruptions are like a school of piranhas.
  • It’s not just an antidote, it’s a '#1 antidote.'
  • It’s not dedication, it’s ruthless dedication.


Adjectives and related tools bring color to copy and make it more interesting to the reader.

Dan Kennedy has spoken at length about having a thesaurus or two on hand when writing. Salient advice. He also recommends a great book:

Words That Sell.

It’s essentially a thesaurus just for people who write direct response copy.

Simple, direct, crisp copy that clearly explains the benefits of a product or service will always provide a more than acceptable response...but only when the product has merit. However, when you give a copywriter some width, the copy can become vivid and this can improve conversion.

If you’re staring at a blank page, start with one of the standard direct response copy formulas like AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and simply write like you’re having a conversation with a friend…albeit a sales conversation! If you’re having a conversation with a friend, you’re not going to use crazy literary words like salient or pullulating. You’re going to use conversational language.

I choose my words carefully. Then I put then in the right order to make everything crystal clear.


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