Direct Response Copywriter on AWAI Bootcamp

Just returned from the AWAI Bootcamp and Job Fair. It was my second time attending the event and here are some general thoughts.

  • If you're a direct response copywriter, this event is a must. The organizers get excellent and relevant speakers plus the job fair is for real: serious marketers looking for writers.
  • I always enjoy hanging with fellow copywriters. We all compete but it's collegial. I finally met some copywriters I've known for a long time but have never met in person.
  • There are lots of newcomers at this event and it must be slightly overwhelming. These are newcomers to this business. My advice ... keep plugging away and read everything you can. Start by making your website awesome.
  • Beautiful, clear, and even slightly cool Florida weather. I always enjoy visiting Delray Beach. It's a scene. And I saw a Kiss cover band for the first time ... sorry ... tribute band.
  • Brian Kurtz was excellent when he was talking about what it takes to work for a big mailer like Boardroom. He was extremely generous with his advice.
  • Speakers included some of the "usual suspects" like Bob Bly and Dan Kennedy -- who both brought it -- but I enjoyed hearing from some people who rarely speak ... like Richard Armstrong, a long-time "A" list copywriter who gave the keynote address. He spoke about connecting the copy to the dominant emotions of the potential client or customer.
  • Carline Anglade-Cole was inspirational as was Clayton Makepeace.
  • It was a treat to hear Herschell Gordon-Lewis who gave a rousing presentation. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Herschell and two fellow copywriters. Herschell also makes horror movies and is known as the "Godfather of Gore." He calls his work "splatter" movies. Thank you to Denise Rich for organizing (and paying for) the impromptu lunch with a true master of direct response copwyriting.
  • Met some great potential clients at the job fair and secured some valuable work. I went into the room with a plan and met with 15 potential clients. To me, the job fair is the #1 benefit of the AWAI Bootcamp.
  • I entered the Clayton Makepeace spec challenge but did not win. However, I entered the AWAI spec challenge and my lead/headline for bootcamp earned a 'W' plus a $1,000 check. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
  • Delray Beach has some "flash" restaurants and they're all good (or look good) but my favorite hang out is The Blue Anchor, a local's place.

Overall, it was a great event and I plan to attend next year. Thanks to AWAI for putting this on.


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