Direct Response Copywriter on Making it Easy

By Scott Martin, Direct Response Copywriter.

Writing direct response copy is always a challenge. My clients expect the copy to turn readers into buyers – it’s the reason they hire a direct response copywriter.

So direct response copywriting is not for meek. You MUST understand the fundamentals then seek to become an expert. No writer ever really masters this craft … or trade … or profession … whatever you want to call it. Like other direct response copywriters, I’m simply trying to improve a little every day.

I’m never going to say it’s easy to write copy but there’s one instance when it’s easier and another when it’s significantly more difficult.

Let’s start with the latter. Sometimes, a client will ask me to write copy aimed at two, three, or even four groups. Yes, the product might appeal, and be useful to, a broad range of people but writing copy for different people with different interests can be excruciatingly difficult. The copy ends up diluted and vague, at best.

Think about a car salesperson trying to sell a car to a room full of people, all of whom want something very different from a vehicle. I’m not sure the salesperson would sell much. However, in a one-on-one situation, the salesman can really discover what’s motivating the buyer and will focus on the features that truly appeal to the buyer; it might be the sound system or it might be the mileage.

So when the copy is really, really focused on the person who can, and will, buy the product, it’s easier for this direct response copywriter to write the copy … and the results are always significantly better.

Marketing is always easier when you initiate a conversation with the person who will, and can, buy the product or service. You will get this key person to buy PLUS you will get others to buy … always a pleasant surprise.


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