Direct Response Copywriter on Creating Authority

By Scott Martin, Direct Response Copywriter:

For various reasons I won't go into here, I listen to sports talk radio several times a day -- usually when I'm driving around. I should really listen to something else: there's a lot of hot air on these shows. And then the listeners start chiming in!

These shows often feature so-called "experts." They're usually journalists or bloggers. The hosts of the show will interview said expert and the expert will start every statement with:

"My hunch is ..."

"I think this may happen ..."

"There's a chance that ... "

"My feeling is ... and it's just a guess ..."

Quite frankly, I could get on a show and make vague guesses and just blab on. I expect an expert to come on a radio show and speak with authority, even if they make a few incorrect predictions. I don't want vagueness.

As a direct response copywriter, I cannot write anything in vague terms. The lifeblood of direct response copy is specificity.

  • Specific numbers.
  • Detailed proof.
  • Relevant testimonials.
  • Salient graphics.

So if you're having a hard time creating copy that converts, check to see if you're being vague. The greatest copy is choc-full of well-researched facts. The reader reads the copy and thinks, "the writer genuinely knows what they're talking about."


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