Direct Response Copywriter on Copywriting Structure

By Scott Martin, Direct Response Copywriter

Copy is an argument. Copy is a conversation. It's the copywriter vs. the person who has heard it all ... and received anywhere from 150 to 900 marketing messages that day. The copywriter faces off against the hyper-jaded skeptic.

Several copywriters have told me that copy is like a conversation in a bar. I disagree. Bar conversation is chaotic and unpredictable ... I'm told. Great copy is more like the conversation in a store ... but a store where the salesperson truly understands how to sell.

Someone who is just punching the clock will simply ask, "is there something I can help you with?" and go back to playing Words With Friends. But the "pro" will have a structure to the conversation, often taking you off into a totally different direction ... perhaps just starting with a general chit-chat. Then they will start to ask the right questions. The conversation will move toward making a sale.

I could list 10 different copywriting structures for long-form sales copy ... from AIDA to PAS. But, as a direct response copywriter, structure is VITAL because copy must be logical and organized. Sometimes I see copy with a poor/vague structure and I'm sure it works to a certain degree ... but to MAXIMIZE response, which is the goal, after all, structure is key.

In fact, I'm attending a big direct response seminar in just a few days. Quite frankly, the copy for the event had no structure I could detect; it was just a bunch of hype-filled copy about the greatness of the speakers. The event is not sold out, even though the speakers are truly superstars and the main selling point. I have to believe that copy with a stronger structure would have sold all the seats ... even at the high price point.



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