Direct Response Copywriter on What It's All About Part 3

In the last blog, I wrote about a marketing problem I encountered a few weeks ago while on vacation.

So let’s get into what direct marketing and direct response copywriting is all about.

With a different approach, a more direct approach, the ski instructors I wrote about in the last blog would have all been working that day; they would have had skiers to instruct. They would have earned money that day.

As a direct response copywriter, I have only one task: write copy that generates revenue for my clients. Yes … I do this ethically and I don’t make stuff up but the ultimate goal is to help my clients get leads and revenue. No copywriter needs to make stuff up.

As such, my copy has helped my clients be wildly successful. One client has grown from 6 employees to almost 60. Another client became the fastest-growing company in the region where I live. One client has clients who are increasing leads by 300 and 400 percent.

My copy doesn’t always work but I have lots of success stories. And I fully admit my role is just one of several important parts in the sales chain. But let’s think about the real results: prosperity for my clients … jobs … economic success … economic growth … and more.

So, ultimately, that’s what direct marketing is all about. The success of clients. They pay me to grow revenue and the value of the business.

Of course, as a direct marketing writer, I’m constantly straddling the line between success and failure. One the one hand, I’m striving to beat the control and it’s great when that happens. Conversely, projects can sometimes fail. But in direct response, we take failure and learn and move forward. In the branding world, nobody knows what works and what doesn’t.

Direct marketing and direct response copywriting is, ultimately, all about prosperity.


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