Direct Response Copywriter on What It's All About Part 4

I know it's not always trendy to say something like this ... but I'll say it anyway.

Good things happen when a business sells more stuff.

I've worked for/with some really great companies. I've also worked for some really awful companies. I have worked with people I thought were great but turned out to be crooked, lying, sleaze-buckets. Scum.

So I understand when people generally dislike businesess and capitalism.

I strive to work with clients who do business with integrity ... the type of companies that are fair and would stand behind a guarantee.

When a good company sells more products and/or services, it can hire more people and provide those people with more opportunity. It expands. It markets more products. It helps to grow the economy. It generates prosperity.

As a direct response copywriter, I love the actual writing part of the work. I also enjoy marketing myself. But I get a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that I'm helping, in my own small way, to help the company grow and prosper. Entrepreneurs take big risks and I'm happy when they sell more stuff ... everyone benefits.

Direct response marketing and direct response copywriting are ultimately all about prosperity.


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