Direct Response Copywriter on How NOT to Find Clients Part 9

How NOT to Find Copywriting Clients. Part 9.

A Series of Essays for Copywriters and Fellow Creative Professionals.


NOTE: You're reading a series of essays about how to find copywriting clients ... and how NOT to find them. This series will be extremely controversial. Read the blogs and you’ll discover my experiences with finding direct response copywriting clients … what works and what’s a waste of time. The goal is to help you find “elite” level clients with deep pockets who are looking for top-quality creative talent. My focus is on direct response copywriting but it all applies to all creative talent.


Method #9. Networking

Early in my career, I attended a large number of “networking” events. These typically took place in Charlotte where I live.

I’m usually an outgoing person and I usually like meeting new people in a social setting but I never really liked the networking events.

There were two reasons.

First, as someone who spent his formative years in England, I have an English accent. This becomes the first point of conversation at a networking event and I got tired of providing my life story NINETY times in the space of 60 minutes.

Second, I never really met a good client for my direct response copywriting services. There were lots of people selling life insurance. Plus lots of people selling real estate. Nothing against insurance and real estate but the people I met just weren’t good potential clients for this direct response copywriter.

In some cases, I joined, or was added to, the committee that organized the networking groups. This was enjoyable because I met some fun and wonderful people but it was also a painful waste of time … especially when I had to listen to committee members drone on about nothing for several hours.

Building and developing a network is extremely valuable. I think back to the days before the Internet when people had a Rolodex … or two. Just the Rolodex itself could be extremely valuable.

From time to time, I attend so-called networking events where I can potentially meet clients and “network” with other direct response copywriters. Again – it’s a nice time but I can’t say it’s a great way to meet great clients.

It takes years … decades even … to build a great professional network. And the network can be extremely valuable. Websites like LinkedIn can be useful and speed up the process but, ultimately, network building the traditional way takes a long time.

Fortunately, there’s a way to build a really strong network quickly and with a much more targeted approach. You have to be proactive and go after the clients you want.

To get the clients you want then you must create your own list of "ideal" clients ... then go after them. I have a hand-crafted list of 2,000 potential clients. To get access to this list, click here now.


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