Direct Response Copywriter on How NOT to Find Clients. Part 11.

How NOT to Find Copywriting Clients. Part 11.

Method #11. Social Media.

A Series of Essays for Copywriters and Fellow Creative Professionals.


NOTE: You're reading a series of essays about how to find copywriting clients ... and how NOT to find them. This series will be extremely controversial. Read the blogs and you’ll discover my experiences with finding direct response copywriting clients … what works and what’s a waste of time. The goal is to help you find “elite” level clients with deep pockets who are looking for top-quality creative talent. My focus is on direct response copywriting but it all applies to all creative talent.


I regularly read articles about how social media is either changing everything or going to change everything.

When I talk about social media, I’m talking mostly about the big names like Twitter and Facebook.

I discuss LinkedIn in another post. I don’t consider LinkedIn to be social media … although some people might disagree. LinkedIn actually has some value.

You’ll find numerous private groups for direct response copywriters on Facebook. People who are looking for copywriters will often post opportunities. I have responded to some of these postings and it’s almost always a WHOPPING mistake.


Because the people who post here are, in my experience, raw amateurs who either have no money or know very little about direct marketing ... or both.

Some of the opportunities sound great but when I respond, I wish I hadn’t. I discover my mistake in the first 30 seconds of a conversation when it becomes clear the person on the other end of the phone is very pleasant ... but a total amateur when it comes to direct marketing.

Even if you get some gigs from a client, it will be painful and you risk not getting paid. It’s harsh perhaps but that’s my experience.

You have to GO AFTER the clients you want.

This means building a database of really awesome clients then pounding away at them.

I have used this methodology to build a database of over 2,000 potential clients for copywriters and creative professionals. To get access to this list, click here now.


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