Direct Response Copywriter on What Really Matters

Copywriters who write anything but direct response copy have it pretty easy.

I think about the “fluff” copy I see on 99.9% of websites and sometimes think about writing copy like this …

“Our award-winning Creative group engages customers by developing inventive ways to bring each brand’s personality and positioning to life. Beginning with a research-based understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors, our designers, writers (sic) and developers create compelling, integrated experiences.”

I mean ... it can't be hard to write THAT.

The copy above comes from a “top” advertising agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m not singling out Wray Ward, necessarily, because you can read the same nonsense on the websites of most advertising agencies.

Why the sic(s)? No comma after writers. Why is ‘Creative’ capitalized?

I have no beef with copywriters who want to write non-direct response copy. There’s a market for it. But the page has no call to action and the copy breaks all the rules of direct response copy.

Instead of writing the “fluff” above, I write direct response copy. This makes me accountable. Most copywriters don’t want to go anywhere near accountability … and that’s fine.

But my copy must produce results for my clients. And that’s what direct response copywriting is all about: generating results.

It’s a blood sport. There’s success. And there’s failure. When things don’t go right, I pick myself up off the floor and keep testing.

Let’s go back to my brothers and sisters at Wray Ward. Here’s a headline …

“We create meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.”

I have no idea what that means. Here’s my headline … “I help you sell your stuff and measure the results so you sell even more stuff.”

Here’s what really matters to a direct response copywriter: revenue. Not awards … not fluff … not a pat on the back … not a nice lunch with the client … not offsite strategy sessions … REVENUE.


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