Direct Response Copywriter on the B2B World

What’s the difference between B2B copywriting and B2C copywriting?

It’s a fascinating question. Are they the same, or extremely different? The answer is yes, and no.

Here’s my take. Direct response copywriting is all about selling products and services. I don’t make a huge distinction between B2B copywriting and B2C copywriting. To me, it’s all about the product … coupled with the principles of direct marketing.

Let me explain. I have written B2B copy and B2C copy. My website is a B2B site; I’m speaking to business owners and business decision makers. But most of these decision makers are in the B2C world. The copy on my site is not that different from copy for a dietary supplement. I’m answering the question the reader is asking, “what’s in it for me?” plus I’m providing as much proof as I can.

There are copywriters who write exclusively for the B2B world. They hang up their shingle and say, “I specialize in B2B copy.” Are they direct response copywriters? Most are not and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. There’s a lot of brochure copy, social media, and newsletter copy in the B2B world.

The biggest difference between B2B and B2C comes from the product itself and the timing. Again … let me provide some examples.

If I’m writing copy for a company that sells massive steam turbines to energy companies, then the gestation period is close to 2 years. There’s a lot of pounding away to get the sale. However, if I’m writing copy for a company that sells staplers for general business use, that’s still B2B copy.

Most people I know spend several months looking at cars before buying a car. That’s a B2C sale that requires direct response copy. But I would still write direct response for the turbine and the stapler.

I resist looking at B2B and B2C as different. I’m going to write direct response copy for every client, even if they think they need ‘branding’ copy for the B2B environment.

In each project, there’s a product or service. There’s a market comprising people who need or want the product or service. My job is to motivate the client or customer to buy the product or service. The principles of direct marketing apply. The timing of the sale might be different but I’m a direct response copywriter and I’m going to write direct response copy for the entire funnel. That’s how I’m wired. No fluff here.


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