Direct Response Copywriter on AIDA. Part 3: Desire.

In the last couple of emails, I talked about the first two parts of AIDA: attention and interest.

Now it’s time to discuss the “D” … Desire.

I have the attention of the reader. I have maintained their interest. Now it’s time to tap into their desire. Initially, the desire is NOT for the product. A golfer can be at the golf course thinking, “I’d like to hit the ball a lot further with my driver.” The golfer can also think, “I’d like to get rid of my slice.”

But they’re not thinking, “I have to have to have Driver A.” To create DESIRE for Driver A, I have to link the desires of the golfer to the product. Here’s where bullets and research come in. I research Driver A so I can reveal to the golfer exactly how Driver A will help them reach their golf goals. It could be the design of the driver, its adjustability, the shaft, etc. Then I have to provide proof to back up the claims I make about the technology and design.

When a direct response copywriter gets this right, the potential client has desire for the product or service.

It all works for other products. A person might want a new car that goes super-fast. They want to be feel better about themselves by having a car that will really move. So the direct response copywriter has to focus on the features that lead to the benefit the driver wants. It’s also important to include secondary and complementary benefits like brakes, handling, and overall safety. It’s called “piling on.”

Again, here’s where a long list of bullets are so important.

In the information marketing space, it’s easier to create this desire. The key? The use of fascinations.

Let’s say I’m writing direct response copy for a weight loss book. The book offers a new approach. I could write a “fascination” like …

“10 things you must never eat if you want to lose weight.”

Now the reader, who has the desire to lose weight, will be thinking, “I wonder what those are … I really want to know.”

The features of the product must be translated into desirable benefits. I tie these benefits into the product, making the reader aware … “you can only get the benefits you want through this product or service.”


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