Direct Response Copywriter on Good Swipe and Bad Swipe

Direct Response Copywriter on Good Swipe and Bad Swipe

By Scott Martin, Direct Response Copywriter

I have around 1,000 pages of “swipe” which is a direct response copywriter’s term for copy that’s already been published – online or mail. Most of my colleagues have a swipe file. Some swipe files are more organized than others. I also have a book of winning headlines plus manuals with excellent examples of direct response copy … even more swipe.

Outright copying of copy is, of course, illegal; it violates copyright laws. However, it’s almost always acceptable to use swipe for inspiration and ideas. Ultimately, as a direct response copywriter, you have to follow the usual formats or you just won’t sell anything. I use headline templates … 99% of copywriters use the same templates.

The other day, I read a golf promotion which was total swipe. It combined the ultra-famous “They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play the Piano” headline with a John Carlton golf headline. Carlton wrote the most outlandish golf copy I’ve ever seen. Here’s an example of a Carlton headline.

“How One Simple ‘Magic Move’ (Which You Can Easily Feed Into Your Current Swing In Just 9 Minutes, Even If You Stink At The Game Right Now) Instantly Uncorks So Much Hidden Raw Power, Balance And Accuracy… That You Can Go Out Tomorrow And Launch A Pin-Point 230-Yard Tee Shot With A 3-Wood… From Your Knees!”

Quite frankly, I would never write a golf headline so outlandishly false. Golfers are intelligent and they know they’re not going to hit a 3-wood 230 from their knees.

So the headline I read, which I won’t fully reveal to protect the innocent, was an exercise is swipery.

Swiping is NOT copywriting. The job of a direct response copywriter is to get into the soul of the potential reader and discover what they really want … then present the product or service that satiates their need or want. The presentation must be believable.

One problem with swipe … there’s almost always a disconnect between the copy and the product. The copywriter thinks, “that’s a great headline so I’ll swipe it!” instead of thinking, “what does the potential customer really, really want?”

In my experience with extensive testing, simply swiping away does not beat controls. I will always defer to testing results but swiping famous headlines rarely works.

Look – I understand the technical elements of direct response copywriting. And this requires using tried and tested headline formats and templates. And I understand using one of the 10 or so direct response formats. But simply bolting two classic headlines together and then offering a promise the product cannot keep is not copywriting. It’s slack and shoddy and unlikely to persuade anyone except really stupid people who will believe anything.


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