Direct Response Copywriter on Successful Landing Pages

Traffic on the Internet is becoming much more expensive. And the amount spent by online advertisers is also increasing significantly.

This means the online advertising environment is becoming more and more competitive. A few years ago, a really bad landing page could convert readers into buyers but today, the landing page has to work to gain a positive ROI. Failure is not an option. Mediocre is not an option.

For online advertisers who want their landing pages to work, my advice is:

  • Use direct response copywriting techniques.
  • Hire a direct response copywriter to write the copy.
  • Follow proven successful landing page formats.

Here’s a landing page that’s converting successfully.

Many times I speak with potential clients who want creativity and ‘innovative’ work. That’s not what you want. What you want is CONVERSION and so you want to imitate, without plagiarizing, what’s worked before.


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