Direct Response Copywriter on THE TRUTH

I was driving around this morning listening to a radio station. I heard a radio spot for a local jeweler: Diamonds Direct.

With the NFL season coming up, the jeweler is making a big deal of their affiliation with the Carolina Panthers.

“The Official Jeweler of The Carolina Panthers.”

It’s impossible to measure the ROI on this type of marketing spend but that’s fodder for another blog.

During the radio commercial, the breathless announcer says that Diamond Direct ‘earned’ the right to be the official jeweler of the Carolina Panthers.


Proof that one word can make a big difference in copy.

You don’t ‘earn’ the right to sponsor a team. You BUY the sponsorship. You write a big check.

So they’re not really telling the truth.

I have to admit I would rather have razor wire stuffed up my nose than go anywhere near a jewelry store. One reason: I can think of 490 better ways to spend the cash I would likely drop in the place like Diamonds Direct.

Anyway…why would I give a chunk of business to a company that fibs in their copy?

It’s not a major thing perhaps and I might be the only person who cares but it's important to remember that listeners, readers, and viewers are extremely skeptical when it comes to advertising. Why fuel that skepticism? Remember, in direct response copywriting, we’re writing every word to maximize response.

As a direct response copywriter, I strongly believe in verisimilitude which is placing the product or service in the best possible light. But verisimilitude is not fibbing.

So my brothers and sisters at Diamonds Direct…don’t tell me a fib. Instead, persuade me to walk in the door or visit your website. Tell me why I have to buy from you instead of the bazillion other jewelers on the planet. Prove that you do what you say.

And just in case you care, the fact that you’re the official jeweler of the Carolina Panthers means nothing to me and I’m a huge fan of the team. You’re better off spending your money on a direct marketing campaign where you can closely track the ROI.


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