Direct Response Copywriter on the Most Important Part of Direct Marketing

In my last blog, I wrote about Matt, the cartoonist for The Daily Telegraph. He celebrates 25 years of writing and drawing seriously brilliant cartoons.

Matt comes across as almost embarassingly shy. Not exactly a 'type A' salesman.

If you're in direct marketing, the story of how Matt got the front page gig at one of the world's biggest newspapers clearly shows the most important part of direct marketing: PERSISTENCE.

Matt discovered the decision maker and dropped off cartoons and jokes six days a week. After dropping off the material, he would 'hang around' hoping to speak with the decision maker. Ultimately, the newspaper asked him to produce a cartoon every day.


Yes, if you're a direct response copywriter, or a direct marketer, the copy has to be persuasive. But, ultimately, persistence is always going to pay off. Matt provides the proof. And he's the least exuberant hype-like person I've ever seen.

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