Landing Page Copywriter Critiques Superb Landing Page Part 3

In a couple of previous blogs, I wrote about the first half of this awesome landing page from Creative Direct Marketing Group and their client, Brainy Baby.

Let’s dive down further toward the end.

We’re getting to the business end of the landing page where they're trying to persuade the reader to buy.

The reader is here because they didn’t buy in the part of the landing page above the fold. So, well below the fold, the persuasion volume is at 11.

Note that the testimonial sidebar continues for almost the entire length of the page. You just can’t have enough testimonials. And the photos are well-selected.

We’ve got three panes to go before the end, let’s take a look at what’s going on. It’s all good.

Two windows from the bottom of the page, we're getting the FREE stuff, including a couple of bonus items.


Click on the image for full size.

Then we have the double guarantee and a photo of everything you get...and it's a TON.


Click on the image for full size

The order form at the bottom of the page is crisp and the order form isn't an order form, it's the ONLINE SAVINGS CERTIFICATE.

Awesome. Note also that the little bit of white space at the bottom of the sidebar has been filled with a guarantee certificate.


Click on the image for full size

It's not easy putting together a landing page like this. Everyone has to be at the top of their game.

You need:

  • An awesome client
  • Traffic (in this case from TV)
  • A direct response copywriter who knows how to write a landing page
  • A graphic designer who understands direct marketing
  • The development team
  • An account exec to put all the pieces together

Let's remember that this page came from nothing.

Perhaps the people at CDMG will at least give us a range for the conversion. 


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