Direct Response Copywriter Email November 2016. The Core Principle of Finding Copywriting Clients

From the desk of Scott Martin, direct response copywriter.

Welcome to notes from the copywriter's journey.


I’m always a little bit surprised when I hear a copywriter say, “I’m a little slow right now.”

Famous direct marketer Gary Halbert allegedly said to a group of copywriters, “there’s an ocean of work out there … and you’re a thimble.”

I agree … especially with a huge but silent change taking place in the world of direct marketing.

The change?

Huge retailing chains are losing “brick and mortar” sales to their online presence or other online retailers. I just tried to buy something from LL Bean and their servers currently can't handle the load.

But I digress.

These ‘old school’ retailers are measuring their results. And they’re discovering that, get this, direct response tactics work. This means they have to hire direct response copywriters.

This brings me back to a core marketing principle. You cannot wait for opportunities to come your way. You have to GO OUT AND GET THE WORK YOU WANT. It's out there.

I can only think of a very few copywriters who aggressively market themselves, specifically going after the clients they really want. This presents a huge opportunity to the copywriters who make the effort to land their ideal clients.

In the next email, I’ll discuss the type of clients who will have the most opportunities over the next few years.

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To your success!

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter