WHAT ARE THEY SELLING? Direct Response Copywriter Email Archive January 2017 1

Welcome to notes from the copywriter's journey.


My website has generated more than 550 leads in the last five years. Some of these leads have directly led to major amounts of work. Many have generated some valuable project work. But the majority have been from people who don’t have a serious budget and/or are trying to sell something that people don’t want ... and will never want.

Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to turn down project work. I’ve been there. But with a longer term engagement, there’s an important question you have to ask.

"What are they selling?"

Some people have crazy ideas about products and services. They seem to believe everyone will want what they’re selling.

I’m especially careful to take an extremely close look at what a potential client is selling and the potential market.

If the product is excellent and there’s a big market, even with stiff competition, then I’m interested. But if there’s craziness going on, I’m not interested. What's craziness? Products that nobody will ever want.

Am I a snob? No. There’s only one of me. Why am I going to take on clients with no chance of succeeding?

David Ogilvy was extremely careful about choosing his clients. You must be too.

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter