Should You Be a Copy Cub? Direct Response Copywriter Email Archive January 2017 2

In the past week, a relatively young copywriter passed away. He was not super-famous in direct marketing circles but he was well known to many copywriters. He was a "copy cub" of Gary Halbert. This brings up an interesting question.

Should you become a "copy cub" or hire an accomplished copywriter to train you? Remember, you can't learn direct marketing or direct response copywriting at any university or college ... unless I'm totally missing something ... which is very possible!

Let me answer the question by going through personal experience.

An excellent direct marketer and copywriter hired me to write copy for his marketing agency in 2002. He taught me to write direct response copy and, perhaps more importantly, he told me which books to read. I also wrote copy for an agency that provided tons of training videos.

I've learned to write copy that converts four ways. Reading all the books by all the successful direct response copywriters. Going to seminars and joining a mastermind group. Trial and error. Training videos. In full disclosure, I DON'T provide mentoring and coaching services.

A few years ago, I took some instruction from a super-famous copywriter ... for a whopping fee.

PROS I landed an excellent client through the copywriter. The name of the teacher resonates with potential clients. CONS It was demeaning ... I got yelled at a lot ... even though my copy has generated more than $250 million in sales for various clients. I know what I'm doing. I didn't learn anything. I was told my copy was worthless. There was no constructive advice. It was expensive. Gary Halbert, based on what I've heard directly from his copy cubs, was especially demeaning to nascent copywriters he was training. I don't understand this type of "boot camp" mentality. Why be rude?

Look at how the great direct response copywriters learned how to write copy. There are many ways to learn. Follow the plan that works best for how you learn.

All the best ...

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter