The Number of Copywriters on the Planet and What This Means. Direct Response Copywriter Email Archive July 2017 1.

July 2017 1

From the desk of Scott Martin, direct response copywriter, Aspen, Colorado.

How Many Copywriters Are There in the World?

No … it’s not some sort of a joke. I don’t know any copywriter jokes, but I heard a ski instructor joke recently.

Q: How many ski instructors does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Three. One to screw in the lightbulb. Two to say, “nice turns.”

I can mildly wind up ski instructors ... because I’m a part-time ski instructor.

Anyway … back to the question above. If I type “copywriter” into the LinkedIn search engine, I get 90,690 results.

That’s a fairly accurate number, I believe.

The other day, I was listening to a podcast featuring an interview with one of the top list brokers and direct marketing experts in the world.

The interviewer asked, “how many direct response copywriters are there?” The reply: “I only know about 50 direct response copywriters who can get the job done consistently.”

A LinkedIn search turns up 358 direct response copywriters. That’s .004% of copywriters, if you’re counting.

Does this mean that all 358 direct response copywriters can produce consistent results? I don’t know but I estimate there are about 100 top-level direct response copywriters on the planet ... and about 20-40 "elite" copywriters.

Your goal is to join this group.

“How?” Here are some steps. Constantly study direct response copywriting and direct marketing. Study selling, psychology, and writing. Get a part-time job where you actually sell a product or service. Strive to work with top direct marketers. Join a peer group but make sure you’re not the smartest person in the room. Find a client that tests and has a lot of traffic. Be humble and professional and be able to offer direct marketing advice. See #1 and #2. Am I in this top 100? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. It’s not really a relevant question. I’m more concerned with … Striving to be the top direct response copywriter. Reaching my monthly financial goals by helping top direct marketers succeed. Learning from copy that fails and copy that succeeds. Constantly striving to stretch my direct marketing and direct response copywriting knowledge. Consistently keeping my name in front of top direct marketers and using “polite persistence” to work with the world’s top marketers. Being around top direct marketers who know a TON more than me. Working with companies that market great products and back up their promises … the “white hat” crew. Many of the world’s top direct marketers and direct response copywriters have written books and produced training materials. Are you going to leverage all this sagacity?

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter