What Are Copywriting Clients Looking For? Direct Response Copywriter Email Archive July 2017 4

From the desk of Scott Martin, direct response copywriter, Aspen, Colorado.

What are Potential Clients Looking For?

I hear it all the time. And maybe you've heard it.

"Where are all the copywriters?"

I also hear ... from direct marketing companies ... and others ...

"We're always looking for copywriters." "We need copy." "It's hard to find copywriters."

There are 350 people listed as direct response copywriters on LinkedIn. There are 90,000 people who call themselves copywriters on LinkedIn. Either way, the demand for copy outstrips the number of copywriters. But clients are still fussy and won't hire just anyone. What are clients typically looking for?

• Solid samples in the portfolio. • Evidence of training. • A commitment to being a copywriter. • Professionalism. • Specialization (but not always). • Proof that you can actually do the work. • Previous results. • Testimonials.

Where/how are you supposed to communicate the above? It helps if you have a website and every copywriter should strive to have a superb website; but it's not disaster if you don't have one yet. You must have a strong LinkedIn page.

Remember ... companies need copywriters but they are still selective ... especially the top companies.

In the next email, I'm going to discuss how to tell if a client is going to be solid, or a dud.

Scott Martin Direct Response Copywriter