Effective Ways to Find Copywriting Clients Part 2. Direct Response Copywriting Email Archive September 2018 1

September 2018 1

From the desk of Scott Martin, direct response copywriter, Aspen, Colorado.

The Most Effective Way to Find Great Clients. Part 2.

Quite a few writers and marketers have joined the list of people who receive these emails. Welcome!

I hear it all the time from copywriters who aim to find clients through sites like Upwork and by waiting around for postings on social media groups. What do I hear? THE CLIENT IS HORRIBLE.

If there's a theme to this series of emails, it's this ... success comes from being proactive and not reactive. It's pretty simple, really. If you want the clients you want, you have to go after them.

Where's a good place to start? Have you written down the characteristics of your perfect or near-perfect client? I have.

This definition has changed over the years but some of the elements are the same and they probably won't change. Here are some of mine ... will treat me with respect ... understands the power of copy ... crazy about direct marketing ... and so on. You can get the idea through this page on my website.

Your definition will depend on your experience, your goals, and what type of copy interests you.

But right now, write down the definition of that perfect client. It will take about 60 minutes to create that definition.

In the next email, I'll write about the type of client you should be contacting, depending on your status in the copywriter space-time continuum.

All the best,

Scott Martin

P.S. Here's another way to get started with this exercise. Look at 2 to 3 copywriters you know who have had some success and write down what their top clients look like. Who did they talk to in the past? If they're a practicing copywriter, who would they be talking to right now?