The power of exceptional service...all copywriters (and everyone) take note.

Noticed this sign today in my local shopping center.

The result of exceptional service...

It's on the door of Blackhawk Hardware, a local independent hardware store in Park Road Shopping Center here in Charlotte.

This sector is extremely competitive. There's a Home Depot two miles away and a Lowe's about four miles away. And if you're not familiar with Lowe's and the Depot, they are the 400 pound gorillas. Yet Blackhawk Hardware rocks on, having its best December ever. In 38 years.

Why? How?


The second you walk in, there's an employee who asks, "how can we help you?" If you need a screwdriver, the person at the front desk directs you to "row 9" and when you get to row 9, there's a screwdriver specialist right there who will show you all the screwdrivers, including the "house" brand which provides excellent value. Yes, you might save a tiny bit at Lowe's or Home Depot but, if you're like me and hate shopping for screwdrivers, Blackhawk provides a fast and easy "shopping experience."

And there are always plenty of people at the check out...the check out people almost fight over me...

And there's more...if you buy something like several bags of manure, there's a person at Blackhawk who will load the car and they will even deliver. It's like the owner is constantly asking, "how can I make life easier for my shoppers?"

I've been to Home Depot and the service is appalling and it takes 20 minutes to check out sometimes.

I hope I offer a Blackhawk level of service to my clients. Every copwriter should strive to make life as easy as Blackhawk...look at the results.


I'm a direct response copywriter based in Charlotte North Carolina USA. My website is here.