Direct Response Copywriter on Getting to Simple

Getting to simple. It’s hard.

As a direct response copywriter, I usually spend a chunk of time researching the product and its market. I have a strong record writing copy that drives response. One reason: the product or service almost sells itself. I wish I could say “it’s the copy” but it’s much easier to write copy for a strong product than a product that makes the reader go ‘uhhh…what?’

Products or services with a poor value proposition are extremely difficult to sell. And poor comprises:

  • Useless
  • Difficult to grasp even after a couple of hours
  • Not immediately obvious
  • Bizarre

I spend quite a bit of time on Linked in and I see some very weird job descriptions. A few: 

  • Relationship Development Professional
  • Founder of The Rainmaking Academy
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Consultant - Digital Consumer Engagement

I’m not sure what these people do. I once worked with a company that specializes in corporate engagement. It’s a successful company but I’m not sure I ever really grasped what they actually really do! Get people engaged, I guess, but not in a marriage sense.

If you’re about to hire a direct response copywriter to write copy for a product or service, I recommend you create a strong value proposition. 

  1. Does the product or service solve an obvious problem?
  2. Is the price right?
  3. Can you make an elevator speech that details precisely what the product or service does?
  4. Is the product really focused on a specific problem/niche?

In my career, I’ve made the mistake of trying to be too many things to too many people. Not any more. Here’s my value proposition:

I’ll write direct response copy that persuades the reader to take the next step in the sales process. I focus on nutritional supplements, information products, and golf...although I'll take on pretty much any project when I feel the product provides significant value.

There…that’s pretty simple.


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