Direct Response Copywriter Admits He Knows Nothing

I’ve been writing copy professionally since 1989. I’ve specialized in direct response copy for 10 years. I’ve read all the ‘must read’ books and I’ve attended seminars; I recently watched the Gary Bencivenga DVDs.

Like most direct response copywriters, I’m always trying to get a little bit better every week.

I use the ‘proven techniques’ and follow the rules of direct response copywriting. I have enough creativity to make a direct response promotion stand out from the crowd. Many of my promotions have established solid controls or beat established controls.

Yet I’m the first to admit I really know nothing…until the copy is tested.

If you’re a direct response copywriter, get ready for blood. Copy can sometimes fail miserably. I’ve had plenty of successes but I’ve written copy I thought would rock only to see it miss the mark by a vast distance.

Direct response copywriters are, ultimately, salespeople. People who sell can come across as brash and arrogant, and, as such, I’ve met copywriters who are…well…confident.

There must be a lot of arrogant copywriters. In fact, one copywriter gives 14 reasons to hire him.

"Reason #6: I’m not a jerk."

No copywriter knows anything until the copy goes live and the real experts weigh in. Arrogance in copywriting is believing you're an expert.

The real experts?

Potential customers who read the copy. Are they providing valuable information? Are they pulling out their credit cards and buying? Are they making a telephone call?

When the real experts have spoken, then I know something.


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