Direct Response Copywriter Makes Bold Predictions

It's early in the year, the time when pundits and various others make bold predictions; mine for 2013...


  1. Headlines will draw the reader into the copy.
  2. The highest converting copy will clearly show the reader how you solve their problem or scratch their itch.
  3. Simple, clear copy will be (mostly) more effective than hype-y copy. But test.
  4. Easy to understand offers will pull more than complex and convoluted offers that even a Mensa member would be find confusing.
  5. Mitigating risk will be vital.
  6. Avoiding words like ‘mitigating’ in copy will be vital.
  7. Strong subheads will be important because readers initially skim the copy.
  8. Somebody will try to be creative, break all the rules of direct response copy, fail miserably, and look like a dolt.
  9. Friendly, warm, conversational copy will prove more effective than dull copy.
  10. For any copy that tries to convince the reader to pull their credit card out of their wallet, even for a trial offer, long copy will be more convincing than short copy.
  11. Clear and precise PROOF will be extremely important.
  12. Those who view a direct response copywriter as an investment will thrive. Those who view direct response copywriting as an expense or commodity will fail.
  13. Direct response copywriters who 'check their egos at the door' and tweak and change based on data will get work; those who fail to pay homage to visual website optimizer, etc. will starve.
  14. Direct response copywriters will look for clients who understand (and love) direct marketing.


“BUT WAIT!” you say, "that’s ‘old’ stuff. Surely there’s something NEW and INNOVATIVE coming up!

First, don’t call me Shirley.

Second: the core principles of direct response copywriting haven’t changed for 200 years. They won’t change in 2013. And they won’t change for another 100 years.

And that's my FEARLESS prediction.


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