Direct Response Copywriter Word of the Night: SIMILE


A comparison to enhance a description.

"The leaves fell like golden snowflakes."

A simile usually includes the word 'like' but not always.

"That person is dumb as a box of rocks."

The strongest fiction writers have always used powerful similes. Graham Greene was especially superb.

"The watch-tower gaped over their path like an upper jaw"

For the direct response copywriter, the simile is especially important but must not be overused. The goal of a simile in direct response copywriting is to engage the reader and get the reader to feel like they're using the product or service.

You really want to wrap a simile around a benefit.

"Staying at the ACME Inn and Lodge will make you feel like you're being worshipped."

"Getting the Martin Marketing System online is like having your own personal marketing consultant...but without the consulting fee."

Used properly, and sparingly, similes can help to improve response in direct response copy.


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