Why I'm a Direct Response Copywriter

Q: Why am I a direct response copywriter?

A: The smile on the face of a client when my copy helps conversion increase.

I'd be lying if I said my copy beat the control every time but I've had some good successes over the past several weeks. 

  • An advertorial that increased conversion by 30%
  • A sales page that's converting at 5.5%
  • A product page for a high end iPhone case that's converting at 3%

I'm happy with these numbers but I'm keenly aware that a direct response copywriter is only as good as the last assignment.

But the numbers above represent tens of thousands in revenue, or additional revenue, per day, for the people who have hired me to write copy.

This means business owners are being successful and when they're successful, they can hire people and reinvest in new products and this helps people thrive.

I also enjoy direct response copywriting because:
  1. It's a challenge
  2. It's fun
  3. People in direct response marketing are driven
  4. There's nowhere to hide...you have to be accountable
  5. I enjoy reading about how to improve my copy
  6. It's totally democratic (in the non-political sense) because the result is the only thing that matters
  7. I can't do anything else 

But the #1 reason I love being a direct response copywriter is helping businesses succeed.


I'm a Charlotte direct response copywriter. I specialize in providing content and copy for the direct marketing environment for clients around the planet. I specialize in sales page copy, landing page copy and copy that just plain persuades people to pull out their credit card and buy. Enter your info to the right for my free series: Seven Steps to High Converting Copy. Or contact me here if you have a project you'd like me to quote.