Direct Response Copywriter on The Power of Clarity

Ask a bunch of direct marketers and direct response copywriters, “what’s the most important thing in direct marketing?” and you’ll get a lot of different answers.

The list. The offer. Proof. Testing. Headlines. Research

And so on …

All of the above must be there.

But here’s something you rarely hear. THE POWER OF CLARITY.

In the branding world, obtuse and obscure ads are still popular. I’m certain you can think of examples. These ads are clever and 'super-intelligent' and there’s no way to determine their success or otherwise. These ads often win prizes handed out by people who are interested in producing obtuse and obscure ads.

But in direct marketing and direct response copywriting, we’re all about clarity … or we should be.

I routinely see direct marketing advertising where the benefits, features, and the offer are not totally clear. I work extremely hard on making sure my copy is totally clear.

The reader must INSTANTLY understand exactly what’s going on, and, most importantly, what’s in it for them when it comes to the product or service.

Look at my work for my clients and the work might seem overly simplistic. I keep the headline clean and clear. I organize the copy so the scanner “gets” what is happening right away. And in the body of the copy, I make totally certain the reader fully understands what he/she will get in return for their money and/or information.

I get this desire for clarity from the work of direct response copywriters Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace. Their copy is always crystal clear. You can easily find examples of their work online.

The next time you’re watching network TV, pay attention to the clever, obtuse, and obscure ads. You’ll see plenty of them. Then switch to QVC and you’ll see total clarity. At QVC, they measure their annual revenue in the BILLIONS.

Here’s a reason my copy resonates with potential customers and motivates them to try a product or service. CLARITY.

Before your ad goes live, ask yourself, “is everything totally clear?”


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Direct Response Copywriter on the AWAI Bootcamp. Part 1.

By Scott Martin

Or should it be boot camp? Either way, I spent a chunk of last week at the AWAI Bootcamp in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida. Over the next few days, I'll provide some thoughts about the event, focusing on some techniques I picked up and can share. I will also describe the event itself -- from the perspective of a direct response copywriter. I paid my way to attend so it was important to pick up some techniques and make some solid contacts.

Officially called the AWAI 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, the event is an annual gathering of sorts for copywriters from around the world. Some are totally new to the game while many of the rock stars of direct response copywriting attend: Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, and Drayton Bird. Most of the events take place in the ballroom at the Delray Beach Marriott which is a resort hotel right next to the Atlantic. It's a pleasant spot and I enjoyed my walk back and forth over the Intracoastal Waterway to my hotel which was a little inland.

The event comprises seminars, speeches, contests, and a meet and greet (the job fair) where about 30 direct marketers can liaise with direct response copywriters.

Bill Bonner was the keynote speaker on the Wednesday night. Bonner founded Agora and is currently president of the company. He's a big name in direct response. I was especially keen to hear Bonner as I'm working on a promotion right now for an Agora entity.

He gave a wonderful speech, bouncing around from topic to topic. My biggest takeaway? He likes copy where the reader becomes the hero in the story. I'm going to use that technique more over the next several months.

Sometimes these gatherings can be a major pitch-fest but, for the most part, the bootcamp provided valuable speakers with useful information. So no complaints there.

In the next blog, I'll discuss Drayton Bird's speech.

Before the bootcamp, I entered one of the competitions: the Clayton Makepeace Spec Challenge. I came 3rd out of 48 entries which was fun.


I'm a direct response copywriter. I specialize in providing direct response copy for the direct marketing environment for clients around the planet. I specialize in sales page copy, landing page copy and copy that persuades readers to pull out their credit card and buy. Enter your info to the right for my free series: Seven Steps to High Converting Copy. Or contact me here if you have a project you'd like me to quote.

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