Direct Response Copywriter on the AWAI Bootcamp. Part 2. Drayton Bird.

By Scott Martin

One of the highlights of the AWAI 2013 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair was Drayton Bird's speech.

Drayton Bird is a famous direct response copywriter. He's based in the UK and has worked for numerous agencies including Ogilvy. You can see his full info here.

A veteran of many direct response copywriting wars, the spry and youthful Bird gave a witty presentation. Here's what I took away ...

  • Be careful if you decide to get married. Three of Bird's wives tried to kill him. I suppose the title of Bird's next book could be: Bird on Birds.
  • Focus entirely on results.
  • Keep pounding away until you get the results you really want.

Later, I had a chance to meet Bird and we talked about his excellent book, How to Write Sales Letters that Sell. In addition to providing salient advice about copywriting, Bird details how to approach potential clients -- the ones you want. The book is out of print now and copies cost around $50. Maybe I should sell mine!

If you get a chance to study Bird's work, it's worth the effort.

And here I am with Drayton Bird.

Thank you to the people at AWAI for getting Drayton Bird to Delray Beach.


Before the bootcamp, I entered one of the competitions: the Clayton Makepeace Spec Challenge. I came 3rd out of 48 entries which was fun.


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